Its astounding to watch the stars twinkle in the sky and realising that our Father God who made each star also keeps us safe and loves us so deeply that He was willing to give up his only son to bring us back to Him and to welcome us into His Loving Arms again. That’s how much He loves us!



Today our world and the economy are always on the ever changing spiral, people are focusing on what to buy in technology, the latest fashion or simple things like a new bedding or printer instead of being thankful for what they have for the present.
We are also being bombarded by the ever changing laws of the goverment(i.e: state benefits, working tax credits and pensions), they are changing all the time and making us worry and fret instead of relying on what God’s word says about living and trusting in Him. We are not to be conformed(be like them) but be transformed to be like our Saviour who stood out from the crowd to be unlike anyone else.
Let’s be different in a world that is always the same.

20150703_125709After a fairly long day when I did my cleaning job of a morning and then finished doing my janitor duties, I was umming and arrhing about whether i should have a little drinky poos in one of my locals in Darlington, so in the end I chose The Turks Head to go inside and relax with a nice cool drink, but before going inside, I saw this sandwich board advertising a 4th July celebration, I was reading it when i noticed that the spelling of “independance” was wrong, so as i was getting my half pint(wassy and not very adventrous…i know!), I plucked up the courage and pointed out to the bar staff that the word “independance” was wrong.  She said with some embarrassment that she had and then she explained that by the time she finished the display, it was too late to correct it(oops-a-daisy). Anyway, she thanked me for pointing it out to her, poured my half pint and then i found a seat to sit down whilst thinking “poor girl, she probably has already been reminded about the mistake by other customers all day.  So I hoped that nobody else thought of pointing it out to her, and that everyone had a fabulous 4th of July celebration.

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